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Developing Leaders in Health are pleased to announce that they have recently embarked upon the design and build of a new self assessment version of their DLiH Leadership 360 Assessment. The new tool will be launched in early August 2020.

DLiH is investing in a new fully digital product that will broaden access to the DLiH leadership insights and development tools. The format of the self assessment is yet to be confirmed, but is likely to include the following key features:

  • Innovative self assessment survey which is able to prioritise development needs drawing on the 16 capabilities of the DLiH Leadership model
  • Automated reporting to interpret and provid reports to participants quickly
  • Practical development advice, self reflection questions and development exercises to support on the job learning

“Our DLiH Self Assessment will help provide busy managers working in health and care with the opportunity to grow and develop by clarifying what they need to focus on and get started building the capabilities they need to succeed”

DLiH recognises the need to equip leaders across Health and Care with practical tools which support them to deal with an unprecidented health crisis, and build resilience for the future. DLiH have commissioned madeby.studio in Leeds to build the new digital offering.

If you want to know more about the leadership self assessment or get involved in piloting the new offering in your organisation, please get in touch with us at hello@myleadershipstrengths.com

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