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We’ve been working hard behind the scenes in recent weeks, so as we start September we are excited to be sharing an important update with you, including a name change!

The pandemic: what we are seeing

This years pandemic has, for us, ended up becoming an opportunity to review and refocus our business. We have reviewed our business model and had expert input into the things we can do to change our approach. There has been a huge acceleration in digital working this year for many of us, along with many businesses seeing huge reductions in trade and revenue, mass scale job losses, and lots of other short and long term impacts. Our view is that organisations will need to rethink their approach to leadership development, with increased use of digital tools and methods. This is with less budget and less time or appetite to develop bespoke training sessions. Indeed, many organisations have dramatically reduced (or are trying to reduce) hierarchy to speed up decision making in response to dramatic changes in customer and public behaviour. Many organisations are seeing the benefit of less formal, shorter and more spontaneous on the job learning approaches, and will increasingly move away from ‘traditional’ classroom or offsite learning approaches.

Our core proposition, which is focused on equipping leaders of all levels with tools to help them prioritise and development their capabilities in the workplace, is more relevant than ever.

How we are responding

Our response to this global crisis is focused on how we can have a positive impact on standards of leadership within our clients. It become clear to us that we can have more impact in future by shifting our focus to a broader set of leaders. We know that many of the challenges that front line and operational leaders in Health and Care face are similar to those that leaders face in other sectors, including local government, not for profit, and many other private sector industries. We need to equip leaders with quality development tools at the start of their leadership career, where the need and impact is greatest. We also recognise the realities of working in Health and Care, where often multiple people from different organisations (and sectors) all contibute to patient or resident outcomes. For these reasons, we are no longer going to have Health in our name.

We think My Leadership Strengths best describes what we do and what we want to be known for. There is a wealth of evidence on the benefits of using strengths in our lives, especially for leaders like us who are in real danger of burn out, while trying to best manage work, life and team members. Indeed, evidence shows that leaders who focus on doing tasks that energise them, but delegate their less energising tasks to others are more effective.

Watch out for more details about our new QPT leadership self assessment tool coming soon.

My Leadership Strengths
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