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My Leadership Strengths is a proprietary leadership capability framework. It has been developed using analysis and research from leading publications, best practice organisations and academic studies. The research includes mapping against future leadership requirements and existing leadership frameworks in the Aged Care, Health and Care, Civil Service, local and national Government and private sector.

It has been piloted during 2019 with a trial group of public sector leaders, and selected partners in the UK and Australia. My Leadership Strengths has been built into a 360 Leadership Assessment, along with a Development Toolkit comprising a set of capability cards and accompanying coaching and development guides.

The Development Toolkit is built around the 70/20/10 model of self directed and social learning. It has been built by experienced Leadership Development practitioners specifically for coaches and line managers. The aim is to provide practical and insightful tools that foster ownership of learning, and make quality development more accessible for current and emerging leaders.

The My Leadership Strengths model takes a strengths based approach to development by focusing in on capabilities most needed for the role, not a one size fits all approach.

The My Leadership Strengths 360 Assessment and Development Toolkit make it easy to prioritise the specific capabilities required for success. They provide practical tools to explore individual energy and motivational needs, understand job requirements, and build a robust development plan. Each capability desribes under-used and over-used behaviours to uncover blind spots, avoid overplayed strengths (derailers) and sharpen understanding of personal impact.

My Leadership Strengths
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