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Sustaining performance, supporting growth and enabling adaptability during the Covid-19 health crisis.

The Challenge

In early 2020, the leadership teams of four NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) merged to form a single Executive team, a necessary step prior to the formation of a single organisation in April 2021. The Accountable Officer was keen to ensure that the Executive, made up of 6 Directors, rapidly developed into a cohesive and collaborative team. My Leadership Strengths accredited partner Healthskills was commissioned to provide a programme of Executive leadership team development and coaching support.

The Solution

In March 2020, as the team was in a forming stage, the pandemic hit, so all development work immediately became virtual.  The design for the programme included monthly team coaching sessions and 1:1 Executive coaching sessions for individual Directors, underpinned by 360 leadership assessments from My Leadership Strengths. Feedback from this initial pilot phase of the programme was very positive, and at a face-to face workshop in July 2021, each of the Directors shared personal reflections from their 360 reports, shared development plans and invited feedback from their peers. 

“I can see the value that the 360 process has had for me personally, professionally and for the wider team. I’m sure our team will continue to use this process moving forwards”

360 Participant

The senior leadership team expanded to 17 in September 2020, to incorporate new Directors and Managing Directors of local places. The CCG commissioned phase 2 of their leadership development programme. Team and individual coaching sessions continued, and there was an increased emphasis placed on 360ᵒ feedback. 

The My Leadership Strengths 360 assessment was incorporated into the Director Performance Development Review (PDR) process in March/April 2021. All Directors reviewed their feedback individually with a Healthskills facilitator, prior to their PDR discussion. In addition, a Team Report and theme analysis from the 360 reports provided collective insights to shape the development plans for the senior team.

The Impact

The My Leadership Strengths 360 assessment was very well received by all participants.  Individual coaching sessions enabled each Director to reflect on their 360 Report, process the feedback and craft development objectives & goals: prior to their formal PDR meetings. Clear benefits have been seen across the senior leadership team which include:

  • Measuring impact: Having the 360 assessment built into the regular PDR cycle has enabled each Director to really make the most of the feedback. This includes planning their development, taking action, understanding the impact of any changes in behaviour, and making crucial adjustments. This is vital in a complex organisation where new relationships need to be built, priorities change quickly, and leadership agility is required.

“The information certainly enabled me to have far reaching discussions about style and communication with my reports which would otherwise have taken a significant period of time to get to. It also allowed me to get clarity and alignment with regard to areas of importance with my line manager which was great!” 

Director of HR & OD, CCG
  • Enabling behaviour change: Improved quality of dialogue across the team about leadership priorities, perceptions of each other, and development needs – crucial for managing a public health crisis while not being able to meet in person.

“It offers an opportunity to explore your own leadership along with constructively bringing the voice of others in…using the process as a platform to base other conversations, to add further insights, opportunities to explore thoughts and build a dialogue around behaviours…has built trust across our team”

CCG Director
  • Time working on the business, not just in the business: With expert 1:1 coaching and team facilitation from Healthskills, our accredited partner, the most senior Executives in the CCG  have got real value from dedicated development time. Senior leaders need to invest time carefully in their own development to be at their best and enable others to flourish.

“I feel privileged to have had the protected time to reflect and build on the feedback received. As a result I’m committed to investing time in the feedback I give to others”

360 Participant

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