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Lead author Andy Jenkins, MCIPD

Combining business design with organisational psychology expertise, Andy has held senior HR roles in business, and has developed leaders in many private & public sector organisations, as well as not for profit. He is at his best working with clients who are setting up for growth, navigating unfamiliar organisational challenges, and organisational transformation.

Andy has a Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel & Development from Leeds Beckett University. He has completed the well regarded Designing Operating Models Program at Ashridge HULT Business School. His Certificate in Coaching is accredited through the University of Middlesex and he also holds multiple psychometric accreditations including Strengths Profile, Saville Wave, FIRO B and Hogan.

Andy is currently studying for his Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) at UEL.

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Jenga Blocks Unstable Wobble

Why Develop Front Line Managers: The Business Case

We train managers too late. Way too late in fact. Research of over 17,000 global leaders, the average age of leaders attending their very first management training was 42...10 years after they began managing people! Clearly for some organisations, the ...
My Leadership Strengths toolkit cards

Implementing a Competency Framework – Embedding Checklist

How do you go about implementing a competency framework? We've put together a checklist for embedding a competency framework in any organisation.  Building on our article about competency frameworks in the age of Agile, we wanted to share our experience ...
Top 5 Strengths Tools Logos

Top 5 Strengths Assessment Tools

In this blog we discuss our recommendations for the best Strengths assessment tools for understanding your strengths in general, whether you are leading others or not. There are several excellent tools on the market, which we know from our own ...
5 stars

How Do Leaders Get Quick Feedback?

Feedback about your performance is important for growth in any role. As a leader, it is crucial. Studies show that the best leaders ask for more feedback, and that leaders who give more honest feedback have more engaged employees. Yet ...
Woman with balloons covering face against bright painted wall

How To Become A Better Leader By Using Your Strengths

Using your strengths as a leader is one of the best ways to bring out the best in others: and bring out the best in yourself. Yet in can be difficult to know where to start and what steps to ...
Paper Cut Out Characters

Social Care Leadership Competency Framework Case Study

My Leadership Strengths partnered with a large national children's charity to make a strategic investment in leadership capability closely aligned to their business plan. The Challenge A major UK children’s charity had a strategic need to build leadership capability across ...
NHS Case Study Cover

NHS CCG Executive Team Development Case Study

Sustaining performance, supporting growth and enabling adaptability during the Covid-19 health crisis. The Challenge In early 2020, the leadership teams of four NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) merged to form a single Executive team, a necessary step prior to the ...
Strengths Based Leadership

How strengths-based leadership can build resilience

'The ageless essence of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths in ways that make a system's weakness irrelevant.' Peter Drucker (1909 – 2005)  The pandemic lockdown gave us home working and remote leadership, furloughing, redundancies and a great deal ...
Leadership Assessment

End of Year performance appraisals: How to improve the process

End of year performance management appraisals typically rely on face-to-face learning and prescribed processes. These standard methods have some benefits, however the rapid shift to remote and flexible working has added layers of complexity in their delivery and effectiveness. In ...
Tennis racquet on clay court

The Myth of the Well-Rounded Leader

It’s performance appraisal time already for one of my clients. Managers are busy assigning individual ratings and reviewing how people have achieved the goals they set 12 months ago(!). A common part of this process is assessing performance against a ...
Strengths based team working

Is the Leadership Competency Framework irrelevant in the age of Agile?

The NHS Interim People Plan, published in June 2020, outlines an ambitious and urgent set of priorities for public health across the UK. At its heart is ‘improving the leadership culture’ with a big emphasis on developing a new leadership ...
Surgeons Staring Down Camera Lens

Imagine if all leaders in Healthcare could access quality feedback

It is widely accepted that effective leadership is critical to the success of the healthcare industry. We also know that regular and constructive feedback is key to developing leadership effectiveness. Despite these critical links, healthcare organisations face many barriers providing ...
NHS Case Study Cover

NHS Federation Leadership Team Case Study

The Challenge The NHS Federation Leadership Team had recently undergone a series of team changes, including appointing a new Chair, and embarking upon a program of professional development. The team needed to work out the key issues that they needed ...

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