My Leadership Strengths 360 Assessment

What is the My Leadership Strengths 360 Assessment?

The origins of My Leadership Strengths are in the development of an accessible, strengths based leadership model that we first built into a 360 feedback tool aimed at leaders in the Health and Care sector. Key features include a simple but powerful prioritisation of development needs, and the flexibility to measure progress over 12 months.

My Leadership Strengths 360 Assessment

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Leadership 360 Survey

A premium survey experience on desktop or mobile, and an interactive portal to explore results. Our My Leadership Strengths 360 provides inbuilt analysis of development priorities that enables focus on the strengths and weaknesses that matter most

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Leadership 360 Pulse

The 360 Pulse enables participants to gather individual feedback at any time over 12 months. Redo the full survey or select specific items and/or raters to suit your needs. Perfect for tracking progress on development goals, and evaluating behaviour change

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Leadership 360 Team Report

We can create a team report that provides collective insights into a leadership team, cohort or functional group. Now with enhanced reporting features that can uncover different perspectives of peers, direct reports, managers or stakeholders

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Quick Prioritisation Tool

Our leadership self assessment tool has been created to enable leaders to reflect on their own effectiveness and focus in on their most critical development priorities. It can be used by any leader to self assess against their current role or plan for a future role. Our QPT report includes a dedicated development section to drive on the job learning.

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“The reports have enabled the team to shape our organisational development programme for the remainder of the year“

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