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A contemporary Leadership Model based on strengths

The Benefits of Strengths Based Leadership

Being a leader brings great responsibility. In our decades of work developing leaders, we see a common response to that responsibility: leaders strive to be good at everything. Research, and our experience, tells us that the ‘perfect’ leader does not exist. In fact, evidence shows great leaders:

  • Have a strong understanding of their own unique strengths and capitalise on them

  • Address their most important individual weaknesses

  • Understand and tap into the strengths of others

Based on positive psychology principles, the My Leadership Strengths capability model and tools provide leaders with the insight to focus on what matters most to them, their team and their role – rather than a one size fits all view of leadership.

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    Individuals who use their strengths feel happier, have higher self esteem, more confidence and energy, are less stressed, and learn faster
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    For leaders, developing strengths and weaknesses is 3x more effective than focusing on weaknesses alone
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    36% higher employee performance when managed for strengths
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    12.5% increase in team productivity when strengths are used daily

Introducing the My Leadership Strengths Framework

All our assessment and development tools are based on the My Leadership Strengths Model, which contains 16 leadership capabilities grouped into 4 clusters

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Leading Self

Leaders are able to adapt to dynamic settings when they have a deep appreciation for their personal preferences, strengths and derailers. This cluster looks at key aspects of change, resilience and self confidence.

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Leading Organisation

Workplaces thrive when staff are inspired. This cluster explores how leaders understand their customers and the broader context to lead and inspire people to perform.

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Leading Others

Effective leaders build bridges across functional and organisational boundaries, create an inclusive environment for all, and bring out the best in each individual in the team.

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Leading Results

Juggling competing priorities, leading through constant change, and improving performance are just some of the expectations of leaders. This cluster looks at the leader’s role in establishing expectations and delivering outcomes.

My Leadership Strengths Products

Measuring Impact and Enabling Behaviour Change in a Digital World

Our Leadership 360 and QPT assessment tools provide busy managers with insights to identify their development goals and get started building the capabilities they need to succeed.

Our programs and services support leaders to make learning happen at work.

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Leadership 360 Assessment

The origins of My Leadership Strengths are in the development of an accessible, strengths based leadership model that we first built into a 360 feedback tool aimed at leaders in the Health and Care sector. Key features include a simple but powerful prioritisation of development needs, and the flexibility to measure progress over 12 months.

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Quick Prioritisation Tool

Our leadership self assessment tool has been created to enable leaders to reflect on their own effectiveness and focus in on their most critical development priorities. It can be used by any leader to self assess against their current role or plan for a future role. Our QPT report includes practical development content to drive on the job learning.

Decades of international experience in leadership development combined with organisational psychology expertise

Having held senior private and public sector roles, we have experienced first hand the realities of driving performance within an organisation. Our experience as consultants across industries has reinforced our belief that the capacity and capability of leaders is fundamental to the success of any organisation.

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“The reports have enabled the team to shape our organisational development programme for the remainder of the year“

NHS Federation Manager

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