Supercharge 1:1 Development Discussions with QPT

The Quick Prioritisation Tool (QPT) is a leadership self assessment and feedback survey with a unique approach to prioritising needs. The survey instantly generates personalised reports which include practical development content.

The QPT Self report and QPT+1 feedback report work seamlessly together to give any leader practical insights they can use in 1:1 development discussions at any time.

My Leadership Strengths
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Antonia NichollsAntonia Nicholls
13:17 22 Sep 22
The QPT+1 Strengths report is really user friendly and speedy to complete, providing useful feedback on professional and personal strengths, but also uniquely geared to the priorities of that particular business or organisation. It carefully navigates the need to provide a good level of detail without over-complicating the message. A very powerful tool on which to base skills development and coaching discussions, and one which I will continue to build into my professional relationships.
David GrayDavid Gray
07:23 09 Jun 22
Smart and user-friendly leadership capability model which has worked really well with new and experienced leaders in helping them to understand themselves and their colleagues better, and to identify and progress development actions. The physical and online materials are great too. And Andy is a pleasure to work with!
Sam | madeby.studioSam |
18:31 01 Dec 21
It's been a pleasure to work with the My Leadership Strengths team over the last couple of years. We've used the QPT tool to identify and improve our skills as leaders in our business, and more recently in person consultancy sessions to really analyse how we can improve our leadership techniques. The MLS team have helped us develop our internal processes to create a stronger leadership style in the company which is allowing us to grow and maintain a great culture that our staff want to be a part of. Thanks My Leadership Strengths!
Rachael SimpsonRachael Simpson
12:00 01 Dec 21
I highly recommend My Leadership Strengths, for any person or team looking for practical and actionable insights on leadership development and strengths-based frameworks for developing leadership teams. I have particularly found the free QPT report very useful, to enable me to quickly assess my leadership strengths and develop my priorities, to help me avoid burn out as a sole business owner. I have recommended the Quick Prioritisation Tool to many of my clients, friends and colleagues too! On a personal level, Andy and his team are incredibly professional, approachable and friendly, their insight and experience shines through and Andy always offers his expertise when it's needed.
QPT Survey & Digital Report

Common problems with 1:1 Development Discussions that QPT addresses

Expectations not clear enough

Leaders find it hard to pin down priorities and manage changing demands from the team, organisation or customer

Lack of clarity leads to constant firefighting, putting leaders under pressure and feeling over stretched. Organisational goals aren't achieved.

Hard to get useful, timely feedback

Quality performance & development 1:1 discussions are few and far between or simply don’t happen at all

Opportunities to provide or get feedback are missed. Leaders struggle to build self awareness or adapt to the demands of the job.

Focus on the 'what' not the 'how'

1:1’s typically focus on goals and tasks at the expense of behaviours and capabilities (AKA soft skills)

Failure to discuss skills development or provide growth opportunities leads to disengagement and higher staff turnover.

Lack of actionable insights

A lack of useful input & limited preparation hinder their effectiveness. They rely upon ad hoc, unstructured evidence

Performance gaps aren't identified. Development plans don't align to priorities and training efforts fail to hit the mark.

QPT Self Report

10 minute survey and report to assess your own development priorities


Explore your full results against all 16 My Leadership Strengths capabilities.

5 pages of tips, learning exercises and coaching questions to drive your learning.

Get started on your development using the video guide & action planning tools.

QPT + 1 Report

Self vs Other comparison report with detailed insights and feedback comments


Compare relative priorities and get aligned on expectations with your manager.

Develop self awareness by uncovering specific blind spots and hidden strengths.

Includes QPT Self Report & Conversation Map to make learning happen at work.

Want to upgrade your QPT Self Report?

Previously completed your QPT Self Report? You can access your report and continue your development with a QPT+1 Feedback Report. Register on the new Portal with your existing email to get started (please see FAQ below for detailed instructions)

Free QPT Essentials Report

Enter your details below to receive a complimentary access code to complete the QPT Self Assessment. You will receive a 9 page Essentials Report containing a summary of your results.

We believe 1:1 development discussions with a manager, coach or colleague should

  • Enable individual leaders to determine their key priorities and drive their own development.
  • Integrate useful, relevant data and timely feedback.
  • Support open, curious 1:1 conversations.
  • Encourage leaders to plan development based on their specific individual needs.
  • Provide useful structure including preparation, discussion, action planning and follow up.


Our most common questions and answers are below.

If you have a question or query that is not covered please don't hesitate to get in touch

The Quick Prioritisation Tool is a self-assessment survey which provides participants with a tailored leadership development report once completed. It enables participants to rate their own effectiveness and identify their development priorities. It can be used by any leader or aspiring leader to plan their development in their current role or prepare for a future role. The QPT Self report includes practical development content to drive on the job learning.

The QPT+1 allows any QPT Self participant to ask a single colleague to complete the QPT survey about them and provide written feedback. The QPT+1 is an ideal way of comparing relative priorities and get aligned on expectations with a manager or trusted colleague.

The QPT+1 report provides clear insights into relative priorities from both perspectives, identifying mismatched expectations with a powerful Alignment Score. The report picks out the common capabilities that both SELF and OTHER have prioritised, meaning 1:1 development discussions are focused on the things that matter most. Written comments provide valuable context.

The QPT +1 report includes dedicated blind spots and hidden strengths pages, which can be used to build more awareness of specific behaviours, discuss feedback and reflect on leadership impact.

Our QPT SELF report contains 17 pages, including a breakdown of individual leadership development priorities, effectiveness ratings against all 16 My Leadership Strengths capabilities, and a dedicated development section.

The development section includes practical tips to nurture your strengths, coaching questions to raise awareness and learning exercises to build capability on the job. The development content is tailored to each participant based on their survey responses. The QPT features an action planning tool and a 6 point plan to support participants to apply learning easily.

Yes. When you purchase a QPT+1 feedback report you will get the QPT Self report as soon as you complete your own self assessment. 

This means that you can reflect on your priorities and access the tailored development content in the QPT Self Report while you are awaiting feedback from your nominated +1 rater.

You can upgrade your QPT Self Report to a +1 Report directly in the QPT Portal. You will then have the option to generate your QPT+1 report based on your existing SELF survey responses, or complete the SELF survey again. All you need is the email address of the Other person that you would like to get feedback from. This can be a manager, team member or peer.

Once both Self and Other have completed the survey, the QPT+1 report is generated and a copy of the PDF report is sent to both parties. The report is available for the participant (not the rater) to view in the portal.

You will receive your QPT+1 Feedback Report as soon as your nominated rater has completed their assessment. You will also find a copy in the QPT Portal.

  • To send an invitation: Check that you have nominated your chosen rater by entering their email address. Click on the pink 'Invite User' button to send an automated invitation. Navigate to the 'My QPT Reports' tab in the QPT Portal
  • To send a reminder: To send your rater the invite personally or remind them, you can copy the unique link from the 'Invite User' page to send your invitation via Email, Slack, Teams, WhatsApp or another digital channel

An access code is a unique reference that gives you access to the specific survey you need to complete. If you are completing more than one survey you will have more than one access code e.g. when providing feedback for multiple people.

Once you have registered or logged in to the QPT Portal, go to the Enter Access Code tab and paste in the access code, then press/click Enter.

You will be taken to the My QPT Reports tab where the details will appear under 'Reports to Complete'. If you are providing feedback for someone simply click on the pink 'Start QPT+1 Survey' button and follow the instructions to complete the QPT survey on them.

If you are the subject of a QPT+1 report you will need to do two things:

  1. Invite a person to complete it about you by adding in their email via the pink 'Invite User' button
  2. Complete your own self assessment via the pink 'Start QPT Self' button).  

The QPT Portal is a password protected online portal where you complete the QPT survey, set up a QPT+1, access you QPT reports and view learning resources. You can purchase or upgrade your report directly in the portal.

Resources in the portal include:

  • QPT Self Report video guide
  • QPT+1 Report video guide
  • Conversation map to download and use when discussion the QPT+1 Report with the person who completed it on you
  • Development Plan template to download and use to clarify and track your development goals


Yes the survey has been designed to work on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Please note, Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft so please avoid using this browser. We would recommend using Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge browsers.

Yes. You simply need to register on the QPT Portal using the same email address that you used when you originally completed the QPT survey. On the Portal registration page, click 'Login Here' and then click 'Forgot your password?' to enter in your email

Quick Tip: Click on the link below and enter your email:

You will then receive an email asking you to set a new password, which will enable you to login.

Your QPT Self report will appear under the My Reports tab. If you wish to upgrade to a QPT+1 report (i.e. get feedback from someone) you can use your existing report OR complete a new QPT Self. There is no additional cost for redoing your QPT Self when you set up a new QPT+1.

In most cases, completing a new QPT Self survey will be the best option as it gives you an up to date self assessment to compare with your OTHER person's perception.  

The QPT survey needs to be completed all in one go and responses are only saved when submitted at the very end. It takes around 10 minutes to complete the QPT self survey and around 15 minutes for the QPT+1 which includes free text comments.

You can view and use both reports without an accredited coach to debrief them, however we do recommend using the video guides to help you to navigate your report.

We have found that discussing your report with someone, which could be your manager, a trusted colleague or an accredited coach is beneficial in order to make the most of the insights and feedback.

We have designed our reports to be clear and simple, free of jargon and easy to apply. In our experience, a debrief can provide participants with further benefits like providing deeper insights and clarifying development actions.

If you wish to find out more about how we can support you to use the QPT reports, please get in touch with us at or book a meeting directly via Book a Meeting

No! You can be in a formal management role, leading a group of people or preparing for a step up in responsibility. The following people may find the QPT particularly useful:

  • Aspiring or newly promoted leaders looking to establish their individual development priorities
  • Operational line managers in need of feedback & development tools to support on the job learning.
  • Owner/Founders who want to empower others, delegate more effectively and avoid burn out.
  • Leaders wanting to clarify role expectations and discuss development with a trusted colleague.

Yes. The QPT survey can be used as a powerful needs analysis or diagnostic survey tool. We can work with Senior Managers and the HR, OD and L&D team to analyse survey responses across any group. We can provide bespoke reports to pinpoint priorities, gaps and themes to input into leadership development, talent or succession plans.

Yes, the Quick Prioritisation Tool (QPT) self-assessment, QPT+1 and the 360 feedback survey have exactly the same item questions. They are based on the My Leadership Strengths capability model, which has 16 capabilities in 4 clusters: Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Organisation and Leading Results.

QPT gives individuals more ownership of the development process. It can easily be integrated into a structured learning program or performance & development cycle, and provide insights for groups of any size. Perfect for:

Aspiring or newly promoted leaders looking to establish their individual development priorities.
Owner/Founders who want to empower others, delegate more effectively and avoid burn out.
Operational line managers in need of feedback & development tools to support on the job learning.
Leaders wanting to clarify role expectations and discuss development with a trusted colleague.

Fuel the development of your leaders with the QPT+1 feedback report

How it works

1. Get Feedback
  • Complete QPT Self report
  • Invite +1 for feedback
  • Both receive comparison report instantly once survey completed
2. Discuss Insights
  • Prep using report & video explainer
  • Explore feedback together in 1:1
  • Uncover blind spots & hidden strengths
3. Apply Learning
  • Build development plan aligned to priorities
  • Use resources to learn on the job
  • Invite feedback from others & repeat

Free QPT Essentials Report

Enter your details below to receive a complimentary access code to complete the QPT Self Assessment. You will receive a 9 page Essentials Report containing a summary of your results.

Why people choose QPT to support their development

MLS Users-01

“I like the way that it only talks about the priority areas, that is unique and very useful”

Phil (UK)


“I enjoyed the process and the subsequent discussion. I got a lot out of it”

Manager of QPT User
Phoebe (Australia)

MLS Users-02

“Very simple to use and the report is easy to digest. Great to help someone to reflect on what is important in the role ”

HR Professional
Antonia (UK)

MLS Users-03

“Found the sessions very helpful and I personally feel that I learnt a lot about my management style”

NHS Coaching Client
Jessica (UK)

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