Supercharge your 1:1 development discussions with QPT

The Quick Prioritisation Tool (QPT) is a leadership self assessment and feedback survey with a unique approach to prioritising needs. The survey instantly generates personalised reports which include practical development content.

The QPT Self report and QPT+1 feedback report work seamlessly together to give busy leaders practical insights to use in 1:1 development discussions at any time.


Common Problems with 1:1 Development Discussions

1. Expectations not clear enough

Leaders find it hard to pin down priorities and manage changing demands from the organisation, team & customer

Lack of clarity leads to constant firefighting, putting leaders under pressure and feeling over stretched. Organisational goals aren't achieved.

2. Hard to get useful, timely feedback

Quality performance & development 1:1 discussions are few and far between or simply don’t happen at all

Opportunities to provide or get feedback are missed. Leaders struggle to build self awareness or adapt to the demands of the job.

3. Focus on the 'what' not the 'how'

1:1’s typically focus on goals and tasks at the expense of behaviours and capabilities (AKA soft skills)

Failure to discuss skills development or provide growth opportunities leads to disengagement and higher staff turnover.

4. Lack of actionable insights

A lack of useful input & limited preparation hinder their effectiveness. They rely upon ad hoc, unstructured evidence

Performance gaps aren't identified. Development plans don't align to priorities and training efforts fail to hit the mark.

Found out how the QPT Self works in 90 seconds…

We believe 1:1 development discussions with a manager, coach or colleague should

  • Enable individual leaders to determine their key priorities and drive their own development.
  • Integrate useful, relevant data and timely feedback.
  • Support open, curious 1:1 conversations.
  • Encourage leaders to plan development based on their specific individual needs.
  • Provide useful structure including preparation, discussion, action planning and follow up.

QPT gives individuals more ownership of the development process. It can easily be integrated into a structured learning program or performance & development cycle, and provide insights for groups of any size. Perfect for:

Aspiring or newly promoted leaders looking to establish their individual development priorities.
Owner/Founders who want to empower others, delegate more effectively and avoid burn out.
Operational line managers in need of feedback & development tools to support on the job learning.
Leaders wanting to clarify role expectations and discuss development with a trusted colleague.

Fuel the development of your leaders with the QPT+1 feedback report

How it works

1. Get Feedback
  • Complete QPT Self report
  • Invite +1 for feedback
  • Both receive comparison report instantly once survey completed
2. Discuss Insights
  • Prep using report & video explainer
  • Explore feedback together in 1:1
  • Uncover blind spots & hidden strengths
3. Apply Learning
  • Build development plan aligned to priorities
  • Use resources to learn on the job
  • Invite feedback from others & repeat

Why people choose the QPT

MLS Users-01

“I like the way that it only talks about the priority areas, that is unique and very useful”

Phil (UK)


“I enjoyed the process and the subsequent discussion. I got a lot out of it”

Manager of QPT User
Phoebe (Australia)

MLS Users-02

“Very simple to use and the report is easy to digest. Great to help someone to reflect on what is important in the role ”

HR Professional
Antonia (UK)

MLS Users-03

“Found the sessions very helpful and I personally feel that I learnt a lot about my management style”

NHS Coaching Client
Jessica (UK)

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