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The QPT combines an engaging self assessment survey, unique approach to prioritising needs, with an easy to interpret and practical leadership development report.

It can be easily deployed at scale and is accessible to users on any mobile, tablet or desktop device.

Assessment Group

QPT has been built to drive the development of:

  • Aspiring or newly promoted leaders looking to establish their individual development priorities
  • Front line managers and operational leaders in need of practical tools to support on the job learning
  • Leaders at any level who want to empower others, delegate more effectively and avoid burn out
  • Leaders preparing for a step up in responsibility or looking to prepare their own successors

Those who are looking for "disruptive Leadership" approaches to leadership development. I've seen so many poor assessments and this is by far the best one. You guys are geniuses!

Digital L&D Expert

I like the way that it only talks about the priority areas, that is unique and very useful.

QPT User

I love the prompts and examples provided to help nudge my thinking/reflection if I was unsure of a capability.

QPT User

The most valuable part of the debrief was Unpacking highlighted areas in more depth - particularly around resilience…to focus on what my "re-charging" looks like in a COVID-19 world.

QPT User

QPT for Organisations

Pinpoint development priorities | Deploy learning instantly


Increasing the impact and effectiveness of your leadership development or workforce strategy with analysis of your leadership development priorities, gaps and trends using My Leadership Strengths survey data.


Saving time and resources by deploying individual development reports and
learning tools directly to busy managers across your organisation.

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Reducing the cost of your learning and training programs through self directed and on the job learning, targeted development sessions and on demand online skills practice.


Getting measurable results and driving real behaviour change.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Quick Prioritisation Tool is a self-assessment survey which provides participants with a tailored leadership development report once completed. It enables participants to rate their own effectiveness and identify their development priorities. It can be used by any leader or aspiring leader to plan their development in their current role or prepare for a future role. The QPT report includes practical development content to drive on the job learning.

The QPT+1 allows any QPT SELF participant to ask a single colleague to complete the QPT survey about them and provide written feedback. The QPT+1 is an ideal way of comparing relative priorities and getting aligned on expectations with a manager, colleague or team member. 

The QPT+1 report provides clear insights into relative priorities from both perspectives, easily identifying mismatched expectations with a powerful Alignment Score. The report picks out the common capabilities that both SELF and OTHER have prioritised, meaning 1:1 development discussions are focused on the things that matter most. Written comments provide valuable context.

The QPT +1 report includes pages on blind spots and hidden strengths, which can be used to build more awareness of specific behaviours, discuss feedback and reflect on leadership impact.

Our QPT SELF report contains 17 pages, including a breakdown of individual leadership development priorities, effectiveness ratings against all 16 My Leadership Strengths capabilities, and a dedicated development section. 

The development section includes practical tips to nurture your strengths, coaching questions to raise awareness and learning exercises to build capability on the job. The development content is tailored to each participant based on their survey responses. The QPT features an action planning tool and a 6 point plan to support participants to apply learning easily.

Yes, the QPT SELF, QPT+1 and the 360 feedback survey have exactly the same item questions. They are based on the My Leadership Strengths capability model, which has 16 capabilities in 4 clusters: Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Organisation and Leading Results. 

Yes the survey has been designed to work on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Please note, Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft so please avoid using this browser. We would recommend using Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge browsers. 

The QPT SELF provides you with tailored development content based on your own self perceptions. The QPT+1 is a report that compares your Self to another person of your choosing. The QPT+1 comparison report has more detailed insights and includes feedback comments from both Self and Other. 

You can upgrade your QPT SELF to a +1 report directly in your QPT Portal. You will then have the option to generate your QPT+1 report based on your existing SELF survey responses, or complete the SELF survey again. All you need is the email address of the Other person that you would like to get feedback from.

Once both Self and Other have completed the survey, the QPT+1 report is generated and an email link is sent to both parties to view it in the portal.

You can view and use both reports without an accredited coach to debrief them, however we do recommend using the video guides to help you to navigate your report.

We have found that discussing your report with someone, which could be your manager, a trusted colleague or an accredited coach is beneficial in order to make the most of the insights and feedback.

We have designed our reports to be clear and simple, free of jargon and easy to apply. In our experience, a debrief can provide participants with further benefits like providing deeper insights and clarifying development actions.

If you wish to find out more about how we can support you to use the QPT reports, please get in touch with us at hello@myleadershipstrengths.com or book a meeting directly via https://myleadershipstrengths.com/book-a-meeting/

No! You can be in a formal management role, leading a group of people or preparing for a step up in responsibility. The following people may find the QPT particularly useful:

  • Aspiring or newly promoted leaders looking to establish their individual development priorities
  • Front line managers and operational leaders in need of practical tools to support on the job learning
  • Leaders at any level who want to empower others, delegate more effectively and avoid burn out
  • Leaders preparing for a step up in responsibility or looking to prepare their own successors

Yes. The QPT survey can be used as a powerful needs analysis or diagnostic survey tool. We can work with top teams and HR, OD and L&D to analyse survey responses across any group. We can provide bespoke reports to pinpoint priorities, gaps and themes to input into leadership development, talent or succession plans.

The QPT Essentials report is a 10 page version of the QPT SELF report, using the same (full) survey items. It has the same individual results page so participants can clearly understand their development priorities, along with general tips to apply learning in the workplace.

The QPT Portal is a secure place to view your QPT Report(s), upgrade or purchase new Reports, invite others to complete a QPT+1 for you, and access development tools & resources. By registering once prior to completing your QPT Self Report, you will have ongoing access to your Report(s) and content, and manage you personal information in your profile.

Yes. As long as you use the same email address that you used previously when completing your QPT Report (including essentials or premium) then you will be able to view your previous Report(s).

If you choose to invite a person to complete a QPT+1 feedback report on you, you can complete a new QPT Self report or use your existing report. Completing a new QPT Self will give you the opportunity to add in written comments to the QPT+1 report.

There is no additional cost for completing a new QPT Self Report when upgrading to a QPT+1 Report.  

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