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There are thousands of hours of high quality leadership learning content available online. But if knowledge really is power, why are leaders everywhere feeling overwhelmed, and so many employees feeling under valued? We need to recognise that learning is a social process, best done in a supportive environment. Where we can work through the real challenges and practice the skills, not simply tick off courses from a list.

Key Leadership Challenges in Organisations

1. Leadership capability gaps across the system

Leadership skills gaps in essential capabilities like delegating, managing performance, collaboration and handling conflict.

The Impact

Low staff engagement & high staff turnover. Leaders not equipped to drive change or influence the organisational system.

2. Middle and front line leaders at full capacity

Management of people is often squeezed into a few hours per week on top of the operational or professional ‘day job’.

The Impact

No time for addressing capability & capacity gaps of team. Overworked managers struggling to cope.

3. Resourcing crisis: hiring & retaining talent

Severe lack of suitable & qualified specialist and management staff. Can’t bring in more staff to address capacity & capability gaps.

The Impact

Vacant management roles; People promoted into leadership roles prematurely with little support.

4. Poorly targeted training & development

Busy leaders can’t find time to attend training workshops; generic development programs not tailored to learner needs.

The Impact

Many critical new skills are not mastered or put into practice. Leaders stuck on urgent matters not future needs.

What is the mistaken thinking about developing leaders?

We are seeing that there are common approaches taken by organisations which don't address the key challenges outlined above:

1. More Training Courses

Busy leaders can’t afford the time. Participants struggle to apply learning back at work

2. Roll Out eLearning

Typical online content is passive and lacks emotional engagement

3. Rely Upon Individuals To Learn The Ropes

Not investing in professional training risks burn out & disengagement. Talented people leave

We believe leadership development should be



Short, structured interactive learning sessions.



Learning activities & practice matched to individual priorities.



Strong social and relational elements to support and challenge.



Learning reinforced with skills practice & on the job application.



Individual personal goals are set & progress tracked using feedback.

At My Best Leadership Programme

We have designed an innovative 8 week strengths based leadership programme. If you would like to know more please book in a time to talk or register your interest using the contact form below.

Build capability in critical areas of leadership in 8 Weeks

The At My Best Leadership Programme builds capability and confidence in critical areas of leadership via group sessions, 1:1 coaching, self directed learning and live practice. Objectives:

  • Understand and appreciate individual leadership strengths in relation to current or future role(s)
  • Maximise time and productivity by understanding individual energy, motivation and interests
  • Pinpoint role expectations and align development needs with insights and feedback from manager
  • Develop key people management skills and apply them on the job
  • Build a leadership toolkit of resources and techniques that can be used to build capability in others
  • Boost own job satisfaction and career prospects

What our participants say about their learning experience

“Great structure & interaction. Good use of materials”


Workshop Participant

“Discussing real life scenarios...makes you think!”


Workshop Participant

“Super helpful! Loads to take on board and put into practice”


Webinar Participant

Tailored Learning

Tailored learning is important because context really matters. Each leader has their own unique needs and challenges.

Our innovate development toolkit includes a set of capability cards which make it easy to prioritise and plan development. They are a powerful learning aid which can be used for reflection and dialogue.

Our development toolkit is available as a workshop card set and a fully digital resource.

Quotation Marks Icon

“Liked the informal/welcoming atmosphere. Good mix of group & solo work“

Workshop participant

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