NHS Federation Leadership Team Case Study

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The Challenge

The NHS Federation Leadership Team had recently undergone a series of team changes, including appointing a new Chair, and embarking upon a program of professional development. The team needed to work out the key issues that they needed to focus on, both individually and as a collective group of senior practitioners. The upcoming development session was in the diary, and less than 3 weeks away.

The Solution

Within a two week period, team members, stakeholders and even patients contributed feedback to all participants via the My Leadership Strengths online portal. Once completed, we generated individual leadership assessment reports and a combined team report. My Leadership Strengths designed and facilitated an intensive workshop with the team, which included feedback using the individual reports, 1:1 interpretation and advice, peer coaching conversations using the proprietary My Leadership Strengths Development Toolkit, and a summary of the team development priorities.

The Impact

“The reports enabled the team to shape our organisational development programme for the remainder of the year”

Federation Manager, NHS Federation Leadership Team

The team got significant value from the My Leadership Strengths individual 360 reports, team analysis, and use of the Development Toolkit. Each member of the team was able to identify clear development actions, which not only focused on addressing specific weaknesses, but on making best use of their identified strengths. The My Leadership Strengths Team Report was able to pinpoint, for the first time, a common source of conflict which was having a big impact on the effectiveness of everyone.

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